Top List

Top Guilds (top 200)
1.Lord SnowClan IconLord Snow is logged in.gold listed memberLevel 19
2.xzy246gold listed memberLevel 18
3.MorningstarClan Icongold listed memberLevel 18

Most Battles Fought
1.Zakhammarovgold listed memberplatinum (subscriber) member771 battles
2.xzy246gold listed member709 battles
3.silas the terminator693 battles

Most Battles Won
1.xzy246gold listed member561 wins
2.Stormlight493 wins
3.MorningstarClan Icongold listed member480 wins

Most Battles Drawn
1.silas the terminator98 stalemates
2.FrostGiant90 stalemates
3.FuriousImpalergold listed member64 stalemates

Most Battles Lost
1.issac382 losses
2.silas the butcher364 losses
3.MutinyClan Icon357 losses

Richest Guilds
1.Dead in the Water37117 gold
2.Stormlight34820 gold
3.silas the butcher34530 gold

Highest Salary
1.Zakhammarovgold listed memberplatinum (subscriber) member1050 gold
2.Dead in the Water1050 gold
3.silas the butcher1050 gold

Most Warriors
1.MorningstarClan Icongold listed member6 warriors
2.xzy246gold listed member5 warriors
3.Zakhammarovgold listed memberplatinum (subscriber) member5 warriors

Highest Level Warrior
1.Adolin owned by Stormlightlevel 33
2.Rickon Stark owned by Lord SnowClan IconLord Snow is logged in.gold listed memberlevel 32
3.Corum owned by MorningstarClan Icongold listed memberlevel 32

Most Tournament Points
1.Lord SnowClan IconLord Snow is logged in.gold listed member8 points
2.silas the terminator7 points
3.Stormlight5 points

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