Top List

Top Guilds (top 200)
1.deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed memberLevel 34
2.Judge DeathLevel 33
3.Judge MortisJudge Mortis is logged in.Level 31

Most Battles Fought
1.Judge MortisJudge Mortis is logged in.1701 battles
2.Judge Death1618 battles
3.Lord SnowClan Icongold listed member1570 battles

Most Battles Won
1.Judge Death1363 wins
2.deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed member1345 wins
3.Judge MortisJudge Mortis is logged in.1287 wins

Most Battles Drawn
1.Lord SnowClan Icongold listed member26 stalemates
2.The End25 stalemates
3.Apollo Creedgold listed member25 stalemates

Most Battles Lost
1.Enkidu906 losses
2.The End785 losses
3.Stormlight769 losses

Richest Guilds
1.MorningstarClan Icongold listed member1608866 gold
2.Judge Death570819 gold
3.deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed member508608 gold

Highest Salary
1.Silas the AnimalClan Icongold listed member1800 gold
2.Judge MortisJudge Mortis is logged in.1100 gold
3.GabeGarcia34900 gold

Most Warriors
1.Judge Death12 warriors
2.Judge MortisJudge Mortis is logged in.11 warriors
3.deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed member11 warriors

Highest Level Warrior
1.Nick the Stripper owned by MorningstarClan Icongold listed memberlevel 100
2.Reaper Man owned by deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed memberlevel 81
3.Malachi owned by Lord SnowClan Icongold listed memberlevel 70

Most Tournament Points
1.silas the butcher26 points
2.deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed member23 points
3.Judge Death15 points

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