Top List

Top Guilds (top 200)
1.deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed memberLevel 16
2.Judge MortisLevel 14
3.Lord SnowClan Icongold listed memberLevel 13

Most Battles Fought
1.Judge Death552 battles
2.Judge Mortis542 battles
3.silas the butcher506 battles

Most Battles Won
1.deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed member374 wins
2.Judge Mortis360 wins
3.Judge Death323 wins

Most Battles Drawn
1.silas the butcher73 stalemates
2.Lord SnowClan Icongold listed member55 stalemates
3.silas the terminator39 stalemates

Most Battles Lost
1.EstrellaClan Icon320 losses
2.Stormlight263 losses
3.silas the terminator261 losses

Richest Guilds
1.silas the terminator13081 gold
2.EstrellaClan Icon8594 gold
3.silas the butcher8284 gold

Highest Salary
1.Silas the AnimalClan Icongold listed member1000 gold
2.silas the butcher850 gold
3.silas the terminator850 gold

Most Warriors
1.deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed member5 warriors
2.MorningstarClan Icongold listed member5 warriors
3.Judge Mortis4 warriors

Highest Level Warrior
1.Granny Weatherwax owned by deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed memberlevel 20
2.Elisabeth Fraser owned by Judge Mortislevel 18
3.Nanny Ogg owned by deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed memberlevel 17

Most Tournament Points
1.deathbeckonsuClan Icongold listed member11 points
2.MorningstarClan Icongold listed member7 points
3.Silas the AnimalClan Icongold listed member4 points

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